I’m still playing through Wolfenstein 3D at the moment, and we’re about halfway through the series now! I’ll be moving on to the Nocturnal Mission episodes now that we’ve completed the first three episodes of the game.

After completing God of Thunder (check the review here) I’ve started a new series on classic DOS shoot-’em’up Tyrian! Tyrian was one of my favourite games when I was younger and it’s a blast playing through it again, so hopefully it’s fun to watch as well! Warning though, there’s a fair bit of storyline in the game, resulting in some questionable voice acting from myself. Yes, worse than usual… enjoy!


Games of the Week

This week I’ve begun playing through a couple of new games – God of Thunder from 1993 and Wolfenstein 3D from 1992. Both are DOS games, Wolfenstein 3D being one of the earliest First-Person Shooter games and considered a classic of the genre, and God of Thunder being a quirky puzzle adventure that’s a bit less well known. Both games had their first episodes regularly featured on shareware disks in the early ’90s which was at the time one of the most common release formats and meant they could easily be shared to a large audience through, for example, sample disks, or magazine coverdisks.

Anyways, these are both ongoing on my Youtube channel at the moment, so check them out!


I’m no longer going to update this with every video I post, as that’s just silly and you can see that on YouTube.

I’ll post more irregular updates here as well as keeping the reviews of completed games up to date.

Goings on

So I’ve had a bit of a delay getting the next video up, it is here, I’ve just been very busy! My band released a new EP the other day, and we’ve got more stuff coming out later in the month, on top of that I had an exam today that I had to prepare for. And with work alongside that it hasn’t left me much time to get anything else done…

There will be new stuff up pretty soon though!

Hello WordPress!!

I have finally decided to set up a page on here to function as a hub of sorts for my retrogaming adventures! So I will try and keep this place organised with nice pages of links to all my let’s play videos and such.

For anyone that doesn’t know me or what I’m talking about and has just stumbled upon this blog, hi there! I’m Psychometric, I make Let’s Play videos of classic games, mostly PC games (although I may dabble in other platforms a bit too).

I also do musical stuff and might post a bit of that on here also (although I’ll probably keep it mostly game music related on here).

Thanks for stopping by!