I’m still playing through Wolfenstein 3D at the moment, and we’re about halfway through the series now! I’ll be moving on to the Nocturnal Mission episodes now that we’ve completed the first three episodes of the game.

After completing God of Thunder (check the review here) I’ve started a new series on classic DOS shoot-’em’up Tyrian! Tyrian was one of my favourite games when I was younger and it’s a blast playing through it again, so hopefully it’s fun to watch as well! Warning though, there’s a fair bit of storyline in the game, resulting in some questionable voice acting from myself. Yes, worse than usual… enjoy!


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Psychometric Gaming

Hello! I specialise in doing let's play videos of classic PC games (although I will no doubt look at some more recent games and stuff for other platforms from time to time as well)! I also do musical stuff so I'll no doubt put some of that on here as well (particularly gaming-related music). This page will serve as a hub of all the stuff that I do.

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