Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure – Part 1

Woop! After a short break due to university work, real work, and band activity, I have returned with the start of a new Let’s Play series!

This one’s going to be for Apogee Software’s colourful side-scroller, Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure!

The first episode is up already!


Hello WordPress!!

I have finally decided to set up a page on here to function as a hub of sorts for my retrogaming adventures! So I will try and keep this place organised with nice pages of links to all my let’s play videos and such.

For anyone that doesn’t know me or what I’m talking about and has just stumbled upon this blog, hi there! I’m Psychometric, I make Let’s Play videos of classic games, mostly PC games (although I may dabble in other platforms a bit too).

I also do musical stuff and might post a bit of that on here also (although I’ll probably keep it mostly game music related on here).

Thanks for stopping by!